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Sexless relationship with my boyfriend


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Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year now and we have sex every month or two (lol) the issue is we both live at home with our parents. I may be 23 but i will never be able to have a boy in my room. We both have good paying jobs but where we are from its so expensive to rent a place. Most of our friends still live at home its commen in my county. The lack of sex is really becoming a problem. I always fantasize about the sex with my ex and how good it was and miss that intimacy in my life. The odd time we do have sex its akward to say the least. Because so much of our relationship is platonic it feels slightly akward. Not to mention his room is a mess and i cant remember the last time he changed his bedsheets. His mother is quite a messy person to so i think he picks up these bad habbits from her but its gross and turns me off. And his bed is so sqeeky every slight movement makes alot of noise which makes us too paranoid to continue because his mother is downstairs.


Besides this issue we get on great and have a great relationship. I get on with him better than any other boyfriend i ever have. We never fight we always laugh when we're together and i couldnt imagine my life without him however i dont think i can take much more of this lack of intimacy. Any advice would be appreicated

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i dont think i can take much more of this lack of intimacy.


You both live with your parents. If you want anything to change in this department, one of you has to move. There is no other way around it. Good for your parents to not allow boys in your room - its their house. Your ex is your ex for a reason, so remember that.

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