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I need everyone's opinion right now

Here's the Dilemma. Well I've had two sacks that's kept in touch with me since 2005 he's the one that called it a break and in this past 12 years he finally came up front to me and said how he felt and why he chose to break up the thing is I don't understand if he had nothing no feelings for me at all why would he stay in contact with me recently when he was in jail in South Carolina I saw he was in jail so I wrote him a letter and he called me and we had a good conversation and that was back in March and then in August around the 17th to the 22nd he started responding to me from an alias Facebook telling me how he was doing what he was up to and his reason for The Break-Up I don't know if escape to finally break up with me or what and then just recently I finally got that email and thought about it and I found out he was in rehab or in a hospital rehab from your sister and yes took my chance but he never said that to me. And then we finally had the conversation I guess it meant we were only friends but over the years he's kept in touch with me I don't know just a friendly or if you wanted more because I've been in a relationship since 2007 so I've been together the guy for 10 to 11 years if I have two kids he knows my situation he knows I maybe got myself together and now I know he's still back with his addiction to drugs alcohol whatever his situation is I love you so much we had a death in the family I only have you ran off and I guess broke off the engagement or he screwed it up and try to get back with a girl

Next he keeps saying tallest family yes I can understand he just moved on and has been 10 11 years but the thing is he's talking s*** about me that's probably not true I know I might have crossed the line and talking some of those family and one of his good friends but I really don't see the bad in that situation but maybe he thought I was out to hurt him but I really wasn't and I believe he knows that and now he's calling me a b**** names and God knows what I really don't know why he's acting like this

As of right now it's probably not a chance of us getting together anytime soon but I know it's because he's in rehab and I guess karma is a b**** he did leave me why isn't we have now he's back where we started from 12 years later he hasn't changed for the worst not for the better so I really don't know what to do I know he has blocked me on one or two Facebook's of my own earliest Facebook's but it is what it is just tell me what you think

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If I'm understanding this correctly, you're currently with a guy and you have two kids with him while your ex is a crackhead and a criminal who wants to get back with you after 12 years. Why are you even talking with him? Block him! Cut him out of your life! Stop talking to him! He had nothing to do in jail and rehab is fantasize about the women he use to be with. When he gets out of rehab, he'll find some other woman to be with. Who cares why he broke up with you. You're better off without him!

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