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What do you love (or miss) about being single?


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I just remembered. There are two short videos that I love, which deal with the themes of wanting to find love, and being alone. They were written (and illustrated) as two separate stories, by Shel Silverstein. But they are really like Part I and Part II of the same story.


I really like what they have to say.


Here is the first video:


The Missing Piece


[video=youtube;mT0wKeJQvGk] ]

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You can definitely get there - it takes effort in finding a group, a community, hobbies that you REALLY enjoy (for me it's ballroom!!), and keeping your days busy. I agree - watching TV alone is boring.


Remove negatives from your life (fix things you don't like about yourself), and add positives (mentioned above, social groups etc.) and you'll get there faster than you think.


Thank you!!!!! I appreciate the support! I'm definitely working on building up the hobbies. Sometimes it backfires when there are too many married people in the groups, that makes me feel worse. But that hasnt happened yet this time.

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