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Feelings for my ex

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So yesterday I️ went to an event that and I️ ended up running into my ex from about a year and a half ago there. Our relationship ended so badly that I️ swore I️ would never speak to him again, the last time we spoke before yesterday was earlier this month, but that conversation was not good either. I️ even saw him a few months ago at a concert and we did not speak to each other. Anyways I️ saw him yesterday and all the good feelings I️ felt for him started to come back. I️ did not speak to him because I️ thought he was still angry with my over the past. He was actually the dj at that event, and He ended up walking up to me and we had a long conversation about everything that had been going on in our lives. He kept complimenting me and he was just telling me how good it was to see me. I️ even ended up unblocking his number on my phone, but he has not texted or called me, at least not yet. This man was the man that swore I️ would marry and I️ have never loved anyone the way that I️ loved him. And the feelings I️ had for him just came back rushing to me out of nowhere. I’m not sure what this means, but can you guys help me understand why that happened? I️ don’t want to fall for him again, and I️ don’t want to think too much about the conversation we had yesterday

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