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Breadcrumbs for the THIRD time this week, why?

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The title is self explanatory. A few days ago he messaged me about some twitter drama (nothing to do with me), then after that he messaged me about my pet spider (??), and today he messaged me saying some dumb jokes. I️ haven’t replied to any of these, and he is notified whenever I️ leave him on ‘Seen’. He also makes it a habit to like my photos too. Why would he suddenly a heightened interest in talking to me about dumb things? We broke up almost 2 months ago. Please don’t say block him because we broke up on amicable terms and we have mutual friends. Thanks!

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I understand not wanting to burn the friendship.


You could tell him you still feel amicable towards him but you’d like to go no contact for the next 6months.


Or you can just mute him on Facebook, archive the conversation, get on with healing. (Except it’s possible when you mute someone they get a notification that they are unable to send you messages at this time and he might feel blindsided so I think option a is better).


You two broke up for a reason, that reason is still there. He may well miss you but this is for the best.

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