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deja vu!?


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Ok without giving too much of a back story here goes


There was a young lady i use to talk to in october of 2015. We met by way of mom. She gave my mom her # to give to me. We vibed but the only thing was nothing came to fruition due to me getting serious with a female i had met prior to her shortly after i met her.


We chatted til about may and just lost contact abruptly.


Fast foward to this year last month my mom sees her after all this time. They exchange pleasantries and catch up. She gives my mom her new # and mentions nothing of me. About a month later she bumps into her yet again and before the convo concludes she says to tell me hi.


I havevmy thoughts on this but would like to hear others views on this. I am going to use the # but would like to her others input in regards to her actions before i do. Preferably a womans due to having a female psyche but all input welcomed. Thx.

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