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Hair loss and fatigue and other scary tests being done

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So things are going great, I have a wonderful boyfriend whom I've been with almost five months, I'm working out more and losing weight. I'm eating healthier and making long term goals. Well over this past year I started noticing my hair thinning.


I didn't think much of it and combed my hair differently and decided to start the process of growing it out.


Well now I'm balding on certain spots of my scalp and my hair is coming out in small clumps. I started to get enlarged lymph nodes and have felt very fatigued. My appetite is weird because I get full too quickly and constantly bloated. The night sweats are interrupting my sleep.


I talked to my primary care and saw an oncologist.


She is concerned about possible lymphoma.


I had a lot of blood work drawn yesterday to check all of my blood to look for signs of Iron deficiency and also leukemia and lymphoma. She is also checking for lupus.


So all my basis are being covered.


I feel like it's the wrong timing for all of this. Early relationship, getting my diet back on track with working out. I know health problems and cancer come at any time wether you like it or not.


I hate the hair loss and now have to go back to short pixies to make it not that noticeable.


Just feeling emotional lately.


I'm striving to be healthy but there's a good chance I'm not. 😔


Sorry for the whining just needed to vent.



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Thank you for the support 🙂


I did the blood work on Thursday and it came back on Friday. I can access my lab work online. Not very helpful since I don't know how to read it. Lol


I'm sure I'll hear this week though since it's there.


I'll be sure to keep you updated.




Echo what chitown wrote. In my experience no news is good news and if it was negative or needed urgent care you would have heard even after hours. Good luck!

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Good news!


I saw my GI doctor over a stomach issue and brought in my lab work I printed off. My GI doctor knows my oncologist. Well I couldn't fathom what the blood work read so she read it and it shows no signs in the blood of cancer! I still see the oncologist on Monday to go over everything including ultrasound of swollen lymph nodes.


I also don't have Lupus or any other autoimmune!


The only thing is I'm iron deficient but that's treatable.


As for hair loss I don't know. My thyroid is normal. I'll talk to oncologist to look into that some more.


I'm feeling relieved it's nothing scary!


I do have more blood tests to do by GI


Thanks everyone for the responses!

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Yeah I did get tested for that as well since I had a hysterectomy and only have one ovary. I was afraid I was going into menopause but those tests came back negative. It is odd about the gradual hair loss. I know something is causing it and the night sweats I get. I just have had most things ruled out. There is always an underlying condition though.


Thank you for thinking of that.

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Hi limichelle! So happy to hear your tests turned out negative for disease


Great news!


As for your hair loss, I just did a little research and discovered that certain shampoos can cause hair loss, even if they never did previously. Try using one sulfate-free (if you're not already).


So can stress! You have been under a lot of stress lately, so now that you know your issues are nothing serious, stress levels should reduce, and the hair loss may stop. May even grow back!


Hope so anyway, good luck!

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