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Should I text my ex of 2 years


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I think enough time has passed that you won't be too upset if you don't get a positive response, so I see no harm in reaching out so long as you're aware that he might 1) not respond, 2) not want to say much, or 3) only be open to a very casual friendship.


In the very least, you won't wonder "what if". So if you're mostly healed and just want to know how he is, sure. Reach out

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I don't see the harm as long as you know it may not be the results you want. I reached out to my ex a year after our break up and all I got was negativity about our past relationship. Even though I was healed I felt like it haunted me his words for some time afterwards. Just be careful is all I ask.

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It depends on the reason you broke up. If you cheated, I'd suggest not, since that sort of infraction is hard to forgive. If it was because of something less egregious and you've improved in that area since, then I'd say sure, ask if he wants to meet up for coffee if you won't be devastated if he's taken or not interested.

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If you haven't heard anything for 2 years, then I think it's safe to say he has moved on. One never knows, of course, but it likely won't bring the results you're seeking.


Why did you break up? Do you know if he's even still single?


Depends on who dumped who and why.


I'll never contact my ex-gf, not in a million years, but I'd be overjoyed to hear from her again.

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We broke up 2 years ago because of me


I highly doubt anything good could come out of contacting him. It sounds like you are lonely and looking for someone to fill that void rather than this being about him per se, or you would have contacted him sooner.

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Given that it sounds like you did the dumping, I would suggest reaching out if he's not in another relationship or if the relationship didn't end because of unhealthy reasons (i.e. cheating or abuse). In two years, he's probably moved on but you never know. Maybe enough time has passed for you guys to have a fresh start. You might not get the reply you're looking for but I think it's better then wondering why. He might not have ever reached out because you did the dumping, and he's been assuming you don't want anything to do with him romantically anymore.

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