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Visually Stimulating Film Suggestions


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Hi, as part of my DBT workbook I have to create a relaxation plan of 20 actions I can take to soothe my senses. 10 are to be in the home and 10 I can do whilst I'm out of the home.


I've got enough to cover each but I feel like some of my ideas aren't the best for me. Could you give some ideas please that will relax me through stimulating sight, smell, sound, taste, touch or hearing?


One of my home actions is to watch a visually stimulating film, do you have any suggestions for films that have bright colours, animation, stunning scenery, imaginative CGI or an unfamiliar landscape? I have The Cell, Dr Strange, Under the Skin, Kill Bill, Donny Darko.



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Visually stimulating films are not relaxing or soothing, especially blood and guts. How is that soothing to your senses and state of tranquility?


Perhaps not for you, I find them extremely enjoyable and Under the Skin is particularly soothing to me due to the beautiful countryside, Scottish accent, lots of water, floaty weird stuff, absolute captivating weird storyline, natural beauty of the main character, beach waves and shale, nakedness etc and that is a film about an alien sucking the life out of her victims.


The Cell has lots of guts and disturbing imagery but at the same time the colours and random odd bits are so beautiful I'm captivated.

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My favourite cousin and I used to watch that movie together every time it came on. We are the same age and pretty much grew up together. When she was dying from ovarian cancer, we had a video of her in her palliative care bed singing "I'm off to see the Wizard" with such a cheery, happy face. We ended up playing it at her funeral. What a bitter/sweet moment. Miss the bajesus outta her.



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