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What should I do?


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Dating this girl two months, going slow but great. Then her child gets sick and she shuts me out. Says she can’t do a relationship now because don’t know where her child will end up plus her family is demanding on her. So I let her go. Six days later she texts me saying she has something for me, and wants me to have it. And asks how I am. I say good and keep it brief. Then I text the other day saying don’t forget my gift, she replies I won’t with a happy face.

Thing I really like her but I know she has had ty relationships in the past so she may have gotten shy with what I bring. I really miss her but not sure if she will contact me again or if I should her. Totally lost on this girl

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I can understand her point of view. Did you offer her any help with her child? Did you offer to fetch any medicine she might need or do any errands for her? Or even buy some groceries? I know you've only known her for a couple of months, but she is a package deal, so to speak. She comes with a child. You could have won some points with her by helping her out. But maybe you're not ready for such a burden. Not a lot of people would be. But if you do want a second chance with her, you might think about offering her some help.

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