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My boyfriend makes me unhappy


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Hi I was told to post on here by my sister

because she said you would give me honest advice. My boyfriend makes me feel really unhappy. I cry every day at least once either because he has called me names, ignored me or been angry at me. I went to pick my little boy up for a party at 7pm and I stayed for 20 minutes to talk to one of the mums. When I got home all he did was glare at me and not talk to me - it's because I was out too long. This happens every time I do anything and I'm away for too long.


If I have an opinion he thinks nothing of calling me every name under the sun.


He tells me that I don't do enough around the house - it's almost perfect but never good enough.


For his 30th birthday I was about to plan a surprise night away and he told me he wanted to go out drinking with his friends without me and I was selfish for wanting to stop him doing that. I just wanted to make him happy.


Nothing I do is ever good enough, I've lost all my confidence, can't have an opinion or disagree with anything he says or he tells lies about me to his family and calls me names and threatens to throw me out. He's thrown a suitcase at me and slammed the lid on my arm, and if I start crying he says that it's my fault he gets in my face and calls me names because I made him mad.


What do I do?

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I am so sorry you're going through this. You don't deserve any of this. Your boyfriend is abusive and controlling and you should leave him immediately, otherwise he'll only keep on trying to control your life as if you were his property, which you are not!!! You're an independent human being, you should never submit yourself to anyone like this, okay? If he tells you he loves you and/or tries to justify his actions with that argument he's lying. And not only he tries to control you but also he'll try to do the same to your child and your family (he might be already doing that behind your back, since he lies about you to his family). Get out of this relationship before he does something worse.

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