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Every few weeks my ex


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We’ve been broken up for four months now. In the time being we did talk in person and it lead to hooking up in the car nothing crazy. Every few weeks we will get into some sort of argument and stop being civil. He keeps asking to be friends and normal. And always says like can’t do the boyfriend or that other stuff now let’s be friends normal and talk but who knows what may happen. He’s like I️ just don’t want me to be leading you on or come off as a so we should start by talking every once in a while. In which I️ told him his comment of who knows what may happen is a lead on. And that he’s basically saying he’s not against a future if timing and things work out. Then he apologized and said you are right.I️ just want us to be friends and normal now.



This conversation all happened because I️ asked for my dvds Back the day after my birthday. He was convinced I️ was tryin to rub it in his face about not saying happy birthday. He recalled my whole outfit and how great I️ looked and how hard it was for him to not tell me I️ looked good and happy birthday. And that he didn’t say it because he didn’t want to be the first to break and he didn’t want to upset me on my birthday.


After he spilt all this he told me how he listens to country music and thinks of me and then changed the subject to how attractive he still is to me and that he cares for me still. And then tried to sext me ?


It makes no sense to me. Trying so hard to be friends and then explaining how attractive he is to me . I️ know we needed some me time because we did lose ourselves when we were together but he sounds so flip flop. Do I️ give up

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