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Does it ever get better


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It's been a little over two months now since my ex and I split.

We stayed in communication and saw each other on and off up until two weeks ago.

I was always the one to iniate seeing him, and he would be clear he didn't want to be together, but we would still have sex, he would say he loved me, we just "weren't right for each other".

Which was true, the fighting was endless.

But we were inseparable for the year that we were together and the breakup was quite random, so I didn't think it would be permanent.

Whenever I would stop trying to see him or get back together, he would text or call and ask to see me.

It was games on and off like this for a while, although he was seeing other people and I wasn't.

Two weeks ago, he told me he wanted to try and see if we could get back together, then abruptly decided after four days that it wasn't going to happen.

Last week, he texted me and kept showing up places I was at, but then blocked me on all social media.

This has been messing with my emotions ever since.

How can I move on and stop preoccupying myself with him if he clearly is trying to shut me out of his life?

I'm sick of being sad constantly but at this point I don't know what to do.

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I can so relate. Yes, it does get better. I would recommend you stop all contact with him and move on. Take back the power and use it to renew your strength and forgive.

You deserve better. Stay busy and go out with your friends. Learn from this and set some guidelines. Make men play by your rules, for if you don't, you'll be playing by theirs.

Good luck!

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Sorry you are going through this. I would take his removal of you from social media as a final goodbye. Do not let him back in, should he contact you again. He has no business putting you on an emotional roller coaster. He's in, he's out, he's full of sh__. Tell yourself you deserve better. As long as you remain in his web, you are missing opportunities to find someone you don't argue with constantly.

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I’m just over 2 months broken up and it’s stll bad enough and I haven’t had to deal with the emotion roller coaster you have been on . It goes get better but only once you remove him from your life and grieve for the loss. If you continue meeting him you will stay in raw pain for a very long time . So you need to take back yoUr power as he doesn’t appear like the type that will just leave you alone if he doesn’t want you . There’s a great deal to be said for the man that dumps you and then leaves you alone

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He is probalby confused as you are. Breakups can lead to plenty irrational things.

Bes tthing should be to call him up on this bull and ask him for a sit down so you can see what's really happening.


Don't listen to people who make out love to be "woman vs man" kind of thing because it is not.

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