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Brain surgery cancelled very last minute

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Well a few days later now...

They did surgery on Tuesday and first few days were very rough but today i even showered alone! Exhausting but okay.

Doctor was just here and I'm doing great and if it continues like this I can go home on Sunday or Monday.

They removed part of the tumor and then he saw the problem which he hadn't noticed before because the tumor was in front of it.

The facial nerve had twisted itself around and that caused all the pain. He layed it straight again and wrapped the entire thing in sponge and now it should be over!

Today they lowered the morphine by 2 thirds so they want to remove that one first!

Bandage came off today and the wound is dry, looking good, no leakage!

So al in all hopeful now!

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it's still a little hard to fully trust it but last surgery i still had pain here and there until it became too bad, but now nothing! And the're already lowering the morphine since yesterday by two thirds! They want that one gone as quickly as possible and me too!

But so far no pain! Really none.....

Lost feeling in my left arm hand and shoulder since surgery, they laid me on the table on it and maybe hit a nerve they said. Feeling should come back but will take time. It's come back a little now but it's very uncomfortable because I'm left handed...... but yeah compared to the pain I'd rather have that!

Taste in my mouth is getting better and hearing is slowly getting better, don't hear those weird Electrical sounds anymore and thank God I still have hearing on the right as well!

And no loss of facial nerve! Was really worried about that one!!

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