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My mum is having an affair


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My mum has been acting super strange lately, staying at work late, going out more and not coming home. My dad kept making comments to me and my sister and I got a gut feeling that she was seeing someone else. It's wrong I know but I checked her phone and there it all was all the gross sexual messages from a man she works with. I confronted her straight away I was beyond furious my parents have been together nearly 30years have 5 children together and 5 grandchildren with another on the way. At first she lied said it wasn't what I thought but finally came clean it all started when we where on are yearly family holiday. Then became physical when we came home, I told her she has ruined my family which she then flipped it and told me I would be the one to ruin the family if I tell anyone!


My dad is super sick at the moment bedridden for nearly 2 weeks and I honestly don't want her any where near him! She's promised me it's all over with this pig of a man but today my friend who works with them was telling me how close they are how she had seen them going for lunch together today all cozy!


What on earth do I do? I'm the only one left at home with my parents and my son (I don't want her anywhere near any of us) I can't bare the thought of her laying next to my dad at night knowing what she is doing!!

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Do not tell anyone. You snooped and now it's your burden I'm afraid. This is absolutely none of your business.

I don't mean to sound uncaring. I expect this must be very hard to watch. But it really isn't your business, it's your parents'. I also think you need to pull back from judging if you can - you don't know what happens in their marriage.

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I confronted her again she's just got this horrible I don't care attitude, when I first spoke to her about it she did break down and say she thinks the world of my farther where as now she blatantly doesn't care! She's told me she never wants to seperate or divorce him but she can't carry on with what she is doing. She's text me today saying it is what it is. she just needs to leave him Iv said If she isn't happy and the marriage fails no one can ever judge but to carry on with someone younger than her oldest children less of an age gap between her eldest grand child and this bloke! I honestly can't bare to look at her or be around her anymore she's a layer and a hypocrite!!

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I'd remove myself from this fiasco, simply because and I'm sorry to be blunt, but she'll eventually hang herself, (so to speak). In addition to that his physician should be able to refer you to social services where you can make sure he's receiving the right care.


Either way, I'm sure this is taking a toll on you, therefore don't neglect your emotional health over this. Take care...

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