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Ex Seems Unsure About Break Up


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Hello all. My boyfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago after me being abroad (year abroad for university course) for 6 weeks. We had been together for two years. His reasoning was that he no longer felt the same way about me. I went straight into no contact for 14 days, but I was planning on a visit back home to our university town so we ended up meeting for a drink after I reached out to him (it felt odd that I was back in the country after not having seen him for over a month to not at least meet up).


The meet up went really well and we were getting on, chatting and acting as if everything was absolutely fine. We sat in the pub and he even put his arm round me and started getting really upset and crying. I said that we could go back to his and talk things through as we felt uncomfortable getting so upset in public. At his we ended up cuddling and kissing quite intensely but nothing more. He even said 'you never know, in 6 months I could realise I have made a big mistake' but that he doesn't regret his decision at the moment. We ended up chatting for a while and then I left after an emotional goodbye.


Clearly this has left me very confused. I have flown back to my placement abroad and it is all I can think about. I am currently in no contact again but am unsure whether to reach out and ask him if he is really sure about this after what happened last week back at home.


Thank you, any advice is greatly appreciated...


Just to add: we only had one drink each so I don't think alcohol was really the reason for his actions.

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