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Do I call him out or just block?

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I met this guy over the summer at a seasonal job and we instantly hit it off. He was super cool and we had the same quirky sense of humor. I’m really shy and introverted and don’t usually connect with people quickly, but with him it was immediate.


We went on a few dates and they went super well. We ended up spending entire days together just talking about everything. He always texted me after telling me how he had such a good time and loved spending time with me.


He started getting really forward with me over text. He was super flirty, straight up told me he was really into me, was always complimenting me and everything. But in person he just always seemed too nervous to make a move, and with me being shy I didn’t either. Regardless, I was being patient because he clearly really liked me — texting me first every day, always initiating dates, saying good morning and goodnight, and telling his friends about me. This went on for about a month.


Then suddenly right before a night when I presume things would’ve gotten physical, he friend zoned me. He gave me plenty of reasons, then told me he appreciated and valued me so much and he would hate to lose me. He wanted to make sure I always felt like I could talk to him.


Being honest with myself, I knew I couldn’t see a long term future with him, so I took it pretty well. Like I said I felt like we clicked pretty well so I was interested in staying friends. He continued texting me pretty frequently and invited me to hang out a few more times. Then he started fading. Still initiating texts but only answering two or three before stopping. He was still asking me to hang out and acting normal when we were together though, so I chalked it up to him just being busy. But then after the last time we hung out I tried to initiate us getting together for the first time in forever and he completely blew me off. Ever since then he’s basically stopped texting even though he was still initiating texts almost every day just before then. We haven’t talked in a whole week now so I tried to text and say hey, which he answered warmly but then ignored everything after that.


If I’m being honest I realize he probably met someone else and has no use for me anymore. He’s just not that into me etc etc I get it. I don’t need advice on that, because I realize now that he’s being crappy and Im no longer interested in being friends or anything. I’m just so angry. I don’t even want to date him, I just felt like we got along and was trying to be nice and not blow things out of proportion.


I normally don’t get super angry and I just brush stuff off. But I kind of want to call him out for being a jerk. I’m sick of guys lying to me and making me feel crazy because I trusted and respected them. Is that a completely terrible idea? Or should I just block him and forget about it?


Like i said we met at a seasonal job which I will be returning to for a month over the holidays, then leaving for good. We will definitely have shifts together, but it’s a casual job and I don’t really need to directly interact with him if I don’t want to. I just want everyone to keep that in mind in any advice since it does change things a bit. Thanks in advance!!

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Yes, there is no doubt by everything you described that there was another woman in the background and you were second choice.

Block, move on. You don't need a reminder of someone who tossed you so easily. You won't find any kind of happiness with this guy.

And no sense in putting more wasted energy into this.

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Honestly, why call him out?

It was made clear you would just be friends.

Friends don't need to be in constant communication with one another.

You yourself said you didn't see a long term future with him.


While it seems someone else most likely caught his attention, you were not in a relationship with him.

You were two people hanging out, enjoying one another. Be glad you didn't have sex with him.

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