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I told someone that I really liked him. To find out that he just proposed to his fiance two months ago. He said I just proposed two months ago to my fiance.That it was hard for him to get close to anyone because he had gone through a divorce. And he finally feels like he is there. My heart sank. I felt lost. Then he says of course I am not married yet. And things could change but so far I am happy with where it's going. Why couldn't he just leave it at I am engaged the more he talked the more it hurt. Why did he feel the need to tell me all of this?

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He didnt want to break your heart and make you feel rejected. He wanted to give you a reason for rejection. But then he wanted to leave a room for possibility just in case this engagement doesnt work out.


So if you continue to seek him, he might act like he like you back. But when you start having some expectations of a commitment then he might say “i told you i am engaged and like where it is going”

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