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When someone's advances are too aggressive


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I met a male friend over a new project that I am doing. He is very caring, smart and nice, and basically has many qualities that I look for in a partner. But the problem is I am not attracted to him at all so I think for now it is better to just be friends. However, I am quite sure that he likes me and is being a bit aggressive with his approach. Am I being too sensitive? Or is he really being too aggressive?


For example, he taught me to drive a few times. As I steer the wheels, he would put his hand on my hand to control the wheels. His hand is just kept on mine for a very long time.

Another instance is, he wants to fix at switch at my home. I told him it's ok, it's not bothering me and the landlord doesn't like it when things get changed in the house. In fact I just don't want himto come at night. He then invited himself and says that he can fix it iin a way that the landlord doesn't notice. I still rejected. A few days later, he said he brought exactly the same switch so the landlord would not notice.

He always finds a way to touch me.. like I was trying to climb up a rock and struggling a bit, he then came over and put his hands under my armpits and carried me up. I was quite uncomfortable. He also touches my lap to wake me up when I fell asleep in his car, and he tried to hold me close to him once when we were walking in a park.

Once we were in a cramped train (my other female friend was present), and everyone were sitting closely, and he deliberately put his hand very close to mine, almost touching them a lot.


I admit I have been very friendly with him, but I don't think I have flirted all that much. I have however, accepted his favours sometimes like picking me up from airport etc. But please tell me if he is being too aggressive with his approach or am I just sensitive? I have now started to be a bit less responsive to his texts.

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