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Confused about younger female employee


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For the last few months I've realized I have become intensely attracted to a much younger (12 yrs) female employee. I've just been trying to figure out whether or not she has any interest in me to avoid saying something and then everything getting awkward at work. It's not like we can avoid each other, it's not a really big place. Anyway, I see signs that maybe she does have an interest, but also signs that make it seem like maybe she doesn't.


We talk quite a bit during idle time. Some about work, and some about non work. We talk some about hobbies and family, and sometimes she talks about minor personal issues. She almost always has a genuine smile for me, especially when we are giving each other a hard time about something. If we are talking in a group, and someone says something, we always look to each other first for reactions. When we are talking we are usually looking at each other, and I get the feeling there is a mutual attraction, but I can't be sure. We don't really make physical contact much other than minor brushes, but neither of us is all touchy with anyone since it is a workplace, and some would view it as inappropriate. I also notice that she doesn't seem to act the same towards other people at work. Not as many smiles, not as much laughter etc. She also does hang out in my vicinity almost whenever there is idle time.


Where I am a little confused is that we don't really hang out or talk outside of work. Now I haven't really pushed because I am her boss, and I don't want to come across creepy or anything. We do occasionally hang out with others from work.


I've tried sending out all of the signals I can without possibly making her uncomfortable, so I am pretty sure she has an idea that I am interested. What I can't quite get a feel for is if she really doesn't have any feelings for me, or if she is just avoiding it or holding back due to the situation. I plan to ask her out, but I wanted any insights before I do.

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