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First time here, first break up, first time i feel like i cant keep going.


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So, i'm really lost atm so excuse me if its going to sound confusing, me and my ex decided to break up because i made a few mistakes and it taking to much from her to keep ignoring those mistakes, she was my first gf, we were together for 15 months, we both attend to the same university, same classes, we'll be seeing each other almost every single day for more 2 and half years. We used to stay together the hole time, morning classes, hanging out the hole afternoon and texting until late night every single day. We didnt want to broke up, we both love each other alot, she is a wonderful strong woman, very mature and stuff, while i'm a kid 20 years old. She was perfect the whole time, 0 mistakes, and when i was alone i made some retarded selfish mistakes. It was a lot of small things that ended up hurting her alot and we called it because she was suffering to much. Ok, we started dating as soon as we arrived the city, we found out everything about the hole living outisde your parents house, moving to another city and stuff together, we went trough alot together, and i'm afraid that we became co-dependant, i'm living here for 16 months now and i cant say i know this city this place without her, she probably feels the same way, how are we supposed to keep going? It just doesnt feel possibly keep going without her. I'm fully concious i hurt her alot and she deserve something better, i just cant stop thinking how she is suffering all alone

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What type of mistakes did you make?


I would wager that she's actually not suffering quite as much as you imagine. She made a choice to end the relationship, which indicates (at least on some levels) that she was ready to take on her new life alone. I don't mean to say she's not hurting at all, but I think you may be projecting your own feelings on to her a bit.


As for what to do moving forward: the best bet is to start creating a life for yourself. Get to know fellow students. Join clubs or meet-ups of like-minded people. Make an effort to foster friendships and involve yourself in life on and off campus.

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How do you know she made up an excuse to justify getting out of the relationship? Sounds to me she wanted out and used a mistake as an excuse. People make mistakes, we are human and I can tell you that no one is perfect and no one is perfect in relationships. We learn about one another and we will make our mistakes along the way. Your X was not perfect. You might think she was and that is because you were blinded by love. In time you will see that she wasnt perfect.


Another thing is that you are going to be just fine. She is not the only girl in world and there are plenty more out there. I know you only want your X and Ive been there and done that. But you will see that there are better girls out there for you. I know it hurts, but its temporary. Youll find another girl when you are ready

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