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Please noone to talk to on a foreign country please some advice


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I got married 2 years ago. I moved from South America to Canada. At first my husband was loving a caring but like 8 months ago Everything has changed and I believe he is cheating. First of all he comes late from work, he suspicisly goes to the bathroom on random times for a long time and comes out all giddy. I found some calls on his work phone from a strange number and the next day after he said he had no idea where they come from they were erased. He doesn't go out and he's always at home so I need to admit that. We are sleeping in separate rooms because he says my trusting issues are driving us apart. He gets very defensive if I wasn't questions about his job. We went out the other day and he keep looking at some people there were 2 women and 3 men going in the opposite side. He drifted from me and went to the side of his door, I went in and he stayed outside looking. When I asked him why haven't you come inside the car he said I thought I seen a guy who used to work with me. I got upset because it was very suspicious. Yesterday he randomly said if you are not going to trust me we need to separate. He said for example if someone waves hi to me just to be secure I'm.your husband I'm.with you. And I immediately asked him, are you saying that because of the other day you thought you seen someone ? He said yes. Mind you, he said he Thought he knew the person. I believe he is having a relationship and is trying to cover his tracks. He has changed he even called me fat the other day that we were arguing. He's not the same man. I don't have concrete proof but something needs to be going on. Am I being overly suspicious?

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Based on what you describe, yes, unfortunately it sounds like something is up. Either he is full out cheating on you or he definitely has a crush on someone else and is setting up to cheat. Calling you fat, starting to demean you, blame you for things are actually very typical of someone who is or is gearing up to cheat as they are emotionally distancing themselves from you to reduce guilt.


Here is the thing though, you aren't going to find out from him and you aren't going to find out by being confrontational with him. He'll just hide his tracks from you better. Play smart and go quiet on him and start observing more carefully what he is doing and with you. Check your phone bills for excessive calls from unknown to you numbers and quietly find out on your own who they are from. Remember that a cheater isn't going to be honest with you or admit to what they are doing.....ever. So don't wasted your time on trying to get a cheater to tell you anything - find out what you need on your own and then make a decision on what you are going to do about it.

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