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How can I start dating and meeting new people


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I am a 21 year old guy who has been single for almost 3 years now. I would like nothing more than to meet someone new and experience those relationship feelings again after being with my ex for 2 years. Yet, I do not seem to meet anyone new and have no promise of going dates. I am on some dating apps but don鈥檛 enjoy them or find them particularly promising. I am also not very confident in approaching girls in a club environment for example. I believe I am a really nice guy who will always try to put others before myself- I just wish I could meet someone who gave me the same mutual feelings as my ex. I do not know what to do as a lot of my friends are in relationships or have been recently and I no longer want to feel like I am the guy missing out on someone I can commit to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 馃憣

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At the risk of broken record stuff - volunteer backstage at a community or church/religious place theater production. And/or volunteer somewhere where you like what you're doing and you interact with other people. If you meet a person you have something in common with and the person is not a single female or otherwise appropriate to date, ask that person who he/she knows to fix you up with.

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