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So a few years ago, a close guy friend of mine decided to make a move on me and it turned into a huge fight of him ignoring me for almost a quarter of a year and being an immature jerk.


I was so scarred by the entire thing because at the same time i was dealing with a life threatening health issue and didn't need this ridiculous drama. I cut off all contact with him around the same time.


He met a girl soon after and today he is happily married.


Its been years and he's been trying to establish contact with me. He's been asking all my mutual friends about me and he sent me a text yesterday.


I don't understand what he wants, is it that he feels guilty? Or is it curiosity to know what's happening in my life. I have no interest in being friends again after what happened.

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If you have no interest being friends again then don't waste time analyzing the "why" - just ignore or block, you're done. You don't need to understand what a person wants when you have no interest in interacting with the person. You have far better uses of your time. Could be a million reasons including maybe he's just bored or maybe it's actually his wife messaging you.

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