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Finally blocked my ex girlfriend. Is there still a possibility for rekindling?

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Just going to give you a little background of our relationship


My ex broke up with me 5 months ago. We see each other a lot as we do have some of the same class. Oddly enough though, right after she broke up with me she behaved as if she wanted me to chase her a lot. She played mad mind games and people in class notice this as well. She would flirt with guys in front of me, hot & cold, always staring, just a lot. Trust me I know. You're like .


But anyways, her attention seems to be more focused on me now. I just started talking to this new girl, strictly a friend. Whenever my ex would see me talking to her, she would be staring at us both. She would usually even try to get a better angle of us talking.


She liked an instagram post for the first time since we have broken up which is kind of weird too.


Got a phone call from her around midnight. It rang twice but I left it at that.


The next time I see her in class, she starts doing little petty stuff. Quite obvious. People see her being extra. Funny thing is, she complained to my group that we were working really loudly. We weren't even talking at the time and we were all reading.


People know she's trying to get my attention


But anyways, I have blocked her. Would there still be a possible rekindling even if I have blocked her?

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Your self esteem must be severely lacking to want someone back who dumped you so easily. She'd likely dump you all over again if you got back together, since past behavior predicts future behavior. Don't let a cat bat you around like you're some toy. Stop watching what she's doing every second and hoping it means she wants you back. She likes drama and doesn't care if she hurts you all over again. Think of her as any other classmate since you have to see her. Hopefully when the school year ends, it'll be easier for you to get closure when you no longer have to see her. With life experience, you will learn that the right girl will be crazy about you and never leave you--not even once.

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