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Feel hurt and very confused


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So my boyfriend of five years broke up with me in July , but since then we have hung out and texted, after a month of us being broken up he started hanging out with his old friend who had just recently been broken up by her boyfriend, I only know because I asked because one day on Facebook I saw he was tagged in this chicks status that said "her and my ex are driving around tryin to decide what they wanted for dinner" so I was upset I asked him about it and he told me that he didn't understand why she tagged him when she only got food for her self and he went on about how she's annoying and what not , so whatever but then I was told they were hanging out all the time , I asked him and he would tell me that he is and that she's way better then me and how he doesn't want to give us another try , he told me that he likes her and she likes him , and then he said the only way he will get back with me so I can shut up is an open relationship, I've offered him that before he's always said no so this time it felt like he was serious about not getting back with me , I didn't agree to it but I asked him straight up about this chick and he said that she likes three somes and has had them with both men and women and more then four , and he went on about how she's awesome and he will finally be able to do what he's alway wanted to do but couldn't with me , just saying things making me feel low, I didn't agree to the open relationship , but we still talked and hung out , just going with the flow , so one night he comes over and I asked if he was still talking to her and he said yes an showed me the pictures they were sending back and fourth I was hurt , and I couldn't believe that he is attracted to a chick with boy short hair I told him that it's funny how you tol me if I ever got boy short hair you wouldn't be with me but what about her , he said no I told her straight up that it's weird and how she lolks like a boy and he's sayin to me that she's ugly and not even hot and how he only said he liked her to Piss me off and how she was only a rebound and that he only was talkin to her so they could , well just this month I was talking to my exs sister an she was telling me how this chick went to her place for a hair cut an was talkin with her friend about how she slept with 6 guys less then 2 months , so I told my ex that and he got mad said that's her past , and I called her gross , and he got mad , sayin I don't even know her so I have no right to say anything , he said yeah and she's single and is having fun what's wrong with that , I said really you made fun of me for going to a bath house and I didn't even fool around with anyone you told me I'd be gross is if ever had a four some with guys , he says oh well that's the past and I was like that's nasty funny how she can sleep with all these guys but only teased you , maybe she didn't like you and he got more Angry , and then he started to say I should look at myself before looking at her he said that I'm not very appealing , then he says you're not ugly well kind of but not really I'm like wow that hurts and he said well now you know not to talk about someone's looks when yours arnt that great, I said to him that what he said was hurtful and pretty intense all because I said something about her after he already said she was ugly , I said for someone who says he no longer talks or hangs out with her , you seem to be getting really mad for what I have to say about her , like I feel like they are still talking and maybe are ing , or have , because now after five years he says that he want me to swallow more and that he basically makes himself cum and that I don't because I don't finish him off that way, can anyone tell me what they think, I feel like I'm right about him lying about not talkin to her or had never slept with her , but I'm also thinking he's not because he talks to me and hangs out with me ,

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So you're basically looking for someone to humiliate you and sexually dominate you in a relationship? Otherwise, what are you even doing with this guy? Do you require a lot of drama and tears and then like the make-up sex?


You seem like a nice girl and this guy is a selfish, egotistical sex pervert looking for people to jack him off and then be treated like dirt. Cut off all contact with this guy. Block him on your social media, and don't answer the door when he shows up to humiliate you further. And get a restraining order if he won't leave you alone. This guy is no good for you and you have a lot to give some other lucky guy.

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