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Las Vegas Shootings and News Media Reportng - Rant!


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Dear News Media,


In the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy, wherein I personally lost a friend and former work colleague, thank you so very much for reporting how easy and accessible (and inexpensive) it is to purchase (off the internet) the necessary components converting a semi-automatic weapon into a powerful fully-automatic assault rifle causing mass destruction.


No doubt this is going to help a lot of people (sick unbalanced people) thanks again!


Idiots what are they thinking, seriously!


Why would they be reporting **** like this?


I just walked in the door and they are discussing this AGAIN.


And why are we giving this maniac so much media attention?


Let's focus on the victims please?


WT*! It's insane.


Thoughts and prayers.

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Guys, despite the sarcasm of my post, I seriously don't understand why the media is focusing so much on this maniac. Can someone help me understand?


What's their purpose? Ratings?


80% on the shooter.

15% on gun purchase/conversion.

5% on victims.


Doesn't seem right, really ass-backwards.


I'm at a loss.

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My condolences to you and yours.



The love of money drives there decisions.

If it were not for that, they would never report any information about the killer or his methods.


No pictures, background or details.

He would only be know as the murderer.


This by itself would end many, if not most attention seeking killings.


The culture of death's engine runs on money.

Limit your exposure to them and don't be a purveyor of their sins/evil.

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Tnx Lester, tend to agree.


BTW, it's being reported now that the sales of these gadgets converting semi-automatic to fully-automatic have increased significantly since this incident and the reporting thereof.


Paul Ryan himself just admitted he was not aware such gadgets existed until it was reported by the news media. As did others.


Nice job news media, really responsible reporting. Arghhh.

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While I understand (in the sense of it being what it is, not so much me agreeing with) killers are invariably made the "star," I do agree we can do a whole lot better job of memorializing the victims rather than simply sensationalizing the killers.


Leave it to the politicians and the news to never let a tragedy go wasted. Sorry you're going through this, Kat.

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Rating and to spark emotion and interest. they dont give a crap about anything else.


CT deals with this all the time, and now once again they drag CT(sandy hook) into again


i know 2 people who lost family members in that shooting.


local governorment and media uses this situation every chance they get..


guess who they talked to right after the vegas shooting..yes CT senators and governor

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Some of this is going to sound bad but I've thought about stuff like that quite a bit. The sad but true reality is that the media will report what the people want. If they didn't, nobody would watch and the media wouldn't be around. Who reads the freaking Enquirer?! Well, someone must or they wouldn't be in print, right?


People can't wrap their heads around the event at hand so they look for answers - any little reason. And in this killer, they can't find any. So like we as humans do in such situations, they obsess. And WE obsess. We obsess over every little detail looking for a reason - but if there was a reason, what the heck good does that do? The guy already did what he did. We need something to blame. Some tiny little incident that could have happened when he was a kid or whatever. Not to mention people need a cause to champion for and a reason to start virtue signaling - something to change their color on their profile picture or do some insignificant thing like that because it makes them feel like they matter - like they're a part of it. Humans are weird like that.


It's not unlike a relationship gone bad in that aspect - where you sit and obsess over "what if this, what if that". It happened. We need to feel some sort of control over the action by identifying the cause. And the closest thing we have are bump stocks. It's so stupid. And we'll blame gun control or lack thereof again, only to drop the issue (or at least watch it take a back seat) when this incident has simmered down and something bigger happens in the news. And what's easier to focus on - 58 victims or one killer? What's more interesting - 58 regular people or one severely screwed up person? Well, if you look at what's being reported the answer is clearly the latter. Not saying it's right, but the people vote with their clicks.


I have the same issue when the media reports that we know where some ISIS leader is hiding, things like that. Do you really think they don't have television or internet over there?


The only thing I can do is stop watching. Their ratings are what keeps them going and my viewership is insignificant, but sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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