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Hi everyone,


so here is my situation. I met my boyfriend end of may 2017 and we started dating and being 24/7 together for a month and a half. Unfortunately i had to go back to my country for work, but we decided to continue the relationship and do long-distance because of our mutual feelings for each other. I went back to visit him after another month and a half, for one week. During this week we made plans for him to come visit me and maybe try to find a job to come live in my country permanently.


When i came back home, everything was fine for a week, but then the second week he stopped messaging me, apparently had problems with his family to deal with and was "in thoughts the past few days". He then broke up with me via text message saying that he had someone else in his life, that he did not want to make me sad with the situation but that it was complicated because of his family and of the situation we were in (probably talking about long distance + the new girl).

After having him on the phone (which at first he did not want because he said it was too painful), he told me he slept with her several times already and other banalities like wishing me all the best for the future and hoping we could meet up again as friends someday.


After that there were a few texts exchanged in which when I asked if he was sure that he did not want me in his life anymore he replied that "he was sure that he did not want me to suffer anymore". And he also said "I just dont know its like these days ive been another person but i hope everything gets back to its own place ". He also told me that he only started doubting a week ago from the breakup.


My problem is I love him, i feel like we could have one of the greatest love story of all time and when we were together at the beginning I said I would fight for this relationship to work. And I want to fight for it. The problem is it might be already too late because of the other girl (I would like to add that I am not angry with him or her and that I am also willing to be patient and wait for him as long as I need to, to be with him again)


I am going back there in two weeks and I would like your advice/opinion regarding our story. Should I fight for it? How should I fight for him ? Do you think my situation is hopeless ?


Sorry it was kind of long but thank you if you can give me your opinion on this.

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Frankly, I think that he may have had her before he got with you and you were a distraction for a time. In other words, he cheated on her to be with you temporarily.


It was a brief affair that consisted mostly of you being in the honeymoon stage where life didn't get in the way of the relationship in the least. You barely know him so don't lower yourself by "trying to win him back." You'll NEVER be able to trust he's not bedding someone else while you're long distance... Never.


Let it go and let him go.

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