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So, I've known this guy for about 2 years. We've been on and off for 2 YEARS and "in love" with each other.


He's always been very into me and very vocal about thinking that I am very special and that he has "never met someone" like me before. His feelings were so deep that he even told me he was planning on proposing soon.


Then, things started going downhill. My granddad passed away and my energy around him just wasn't the same anymore. He probably picked up on it. I could tell his feelings were staring to fade a little. He even told me this. He started being very wishy washy with me, one day saying "I'm so in love with you", to then saying he's "over me" and hanging up the phone after an argument. After this argument, we didn't talk for 2 weeks until I contacted him. He later told me he thought we were over and that his feelings for me faded during that time. But then he would still say things like "you've put a spell on me" etc. Weird.


I suggested (I did this quite a lot in our relationship) to take yet another break from each other. He hates when I do this, so then he tells me "I'm getting married". LOL. He says he has feelings for me but will marry this other woman (arranged marriage), whom he doesn't know, but it "feels right". Very confusing. The night before I stayed out until late and he got jealous as he always does. He doesn't trust me very much either. So, then he broke up with me over the phone and seemed very forced. I could tell he didn't want to, but the conversation just went into that direction and so.. we broke up. I told him to "let the other girl go and we can try again". I kind of "begged". He said "when things were going good, I liked it a lot" and "I will NEVER forget you" and bla bla bla. We also reminisced a little about our relationship but still ended it on a very good note. The thing is, I NEVER begged or showed any sign of "vulnerability" before, so at this point it seemed like he was just on a power trip and was adamant to leave.


Now, knowing that he had proper feelings for me and that he sees me as someone very special to him for all these years, does it sound like he would reconsider? We've broken up before and he was back 6 months later lol however last time I broke up with him. So, is it likely that he will be back again? Also, IS HE LYING ABOUT GETTING MARRIED? He's a bit of a liar anyway.

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On and off again relationships aren't meant to be. One or both parties don't value the relationship enough to stay and work things out in every way possible versus running for the hills. When you care, you never leave unless there is a deal breaker. When there is a deal breaker, you should leave even if you care. Go no contact so you can choose a better prospect.

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If he is a liar then do you think he might be lying about his feelings to you and just feeding you bs lines?

The on again off again though is an indication of a very toxic situation. Probably best that you actually mean it this time, get away from him for good, heal, move on and find yourself a healthy relationship. Do keep in mind that a guy who truly feels you are all that isn't going to risk breaking up with you because he won't risk losing you. In this situation, to be honest you are both fine with that risk. Eventually you do lose. So even for yourself going forward, never ever play break up games unless you mean to stay broken up. A healthy guy will not come back to you after you dump him. It will be over for real.

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