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In continuation to my thread post 2 months ago, I need some more advice.


This year I dated a guy for several months and ended up getting quite attached to him. I'm not someone that gets attached normally, and very rarely does anyone catch my eye but the months I spent with him moved my heart. He was very thoughtful, intelligent, sweet and I really felt that we had a connection. In the end I would say I def fell abit in love with him. I don't think my feelings have changed much.


But he's moving overseas.


For a year, maybe two. He's planning to come back once his visa is done. Originally we were going to try long distance (as he told me he wanted a long term future with me, among other things), but me being realistic, and him eventually catching on made us realise that long distance probably wouldn't work. The 12 hr difference and him having to settle into a new life/finding a job/accomodation etc would be tough to overcome.



He's going to go very soon. He wants to catch up.

Should I go? Also, if I did do you think I should hold back or say what I need to say.

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If you choose to meet up with him, say what you need to say. Life is really too short and precious to spend any of it wishing you had said what you felt, when there was time and opportunity to do so.


I did not meet with my person before he left, and have regretted that for months. Only in hindsight do I see what positive it might have been, even if it was just to say my truth.

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