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I woke up this morning feeling okay, but after a while I was just upset for no reason and I didn't know why I was crying. I was mad too and I didn't know why. Does anyone else get like this too or no? Cause I'm struggling and I piss people off and upset people when I'm like this. Then I just feel so bad that I'm like this but I don't know why I'm like this. I just want to scream at people and make them understand what it's ing like if they put their selves in my shoes. What is going on with me I have no idea.

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I'm just now getting over my period so that's a possibility


Usually I have those weird mood swings right before where I feel like I don't even know myself (and weirdly it's gotten worse in the last year -and I am 51!). So it could be hormonal and I like what the other person wrote about not being insulting -women sometimes are just brushed off with "PMS". - just let yourself feel the feelings and come up with a "toolbox" (a term borrowed from another great thread on here)of things that help you when you feel a bit out of control. Sometimes listening to music that makes you emotional actually can help to just get it all out -but whatever it is ,be prepared the next time you feel that way. Hope you feel better!

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