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So quick back story I met a girl weeks after she came out of an abusive relationship, we started hanging out and we liked each other, we never had sec but we would be physical. After a few months she was pushing me away and in the end went back to her x.


They split again about 3 months ago and she came into my work last month to see a mutual friend (she knew I was working) we spoke and have hung out a lot since, kissing and just having a good time.


She knows my reputation which isn't the best to be honest so she's weary as she "loves" me in her life and doesn't want that to change if we have sex. We spoke about it last night and she told me "I'm not in the right frame of mind to give u the best version of myself I have trust issues after my x cheated on me. All I know is I love being in your company whether it's one on one or in a group. I can talk to you about anything which is weird as I'm physically attracted to you and I love your company"


I feel the same about her, she wants to come to Scotland for new year with me, I'm Scottish but live in the states.


I'm not sure if she just sees me as a friend now though, every time we drink we are kissing and holding hands, and everyone says we are a perfect match.


She's right about not being ready for a relationship we where out a few weeks ago and she seen me speaking to a girl (who I work with) and she says "it's not cool you flirting with other girls in front of me" so there's feelings there. I'm not sure how I should play this. Take it slow? She knows how I feel about her she messaged last night "I'm laying in bed just so thankful you're in my life again, today I couldn't have got through without u. You made me laugh the whole day apart from the 10 minutes I said no jokes, then you held my hand. Thank you"


She had to see a specialist about a lump she had found (thankfully it wasn't anything serious)


Any advice would be great


She has also said she wants to introduce me to her grandfather who is the most important person in her life.

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