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Can he really see me as a friend?


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Ok, I am one that doesn't believe in the whole guy-girl friend thing. You can't be just friends with a guy or a girl. Even if there are some exceptions to the rule, those exceptions could break too someday, you can never say never. But in this case, we kind of knew each other for years. We weren't exactly friends because he was studying in another country but when he returned we started talking, it lead to flirting and we said that we would meet up and that we wanted something to happen between us. Then he gets a job proposal at yet another country and when we meet he tells me it's better that nothing happens between us, because he's leaving and of course he was right since I didn't want just a one night stand. But the real tricky thing happens next: After he leaves, we maintain contact and he calls me friend, he even says things like ''I consider you something like my little sister''. And I'm like ''seriously????"'


Could this really happen? I mean, yeah things didn't proceed but he can't possibly be able to only see me as a friend!

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Um... I would say you guys aren't even friends. Maybe the reason you don't believe in hetero cross gender friendships is because you've never been in one? You didn't start as friends. You started with sexual and romantic intent. You started with flirting. You weren't friends. You aren't friends now. You barely know him. You are just flirting with each other. Him telling you that he thinks of you as a sister is either a) trying to get you to say it's more than that or b) trying to let you know that he isn't interested in a sexual or romantic connection with you.

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I agree, we are not even that. It's true that since he left there was no point in trying to pursue anything sexual or romantic, I understand that. But act like this flirting between us never really existed and treat me like a sis? I don't get that. Immature maybe?


Or he's trying to tell you to move on.

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