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Woah, chapters are closing

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Well... chapters are closing and its a very very weird feeling. I am moving states. I will most likely never see my ex again and its a very weird feeling. Its almost as if another door is closing even though we've been broken up for 9 months and its been over for quite some time. I still think about her all the time though.. This transition is a big one and I am very VERY nervous. I am moving states alone and I dread being alone and knowing absolutely nobody. Its a huge fear of mine. Any thoughts or ideas any of you could give me?


Advice is appreciated!

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Congrats on your move. I think it's great that you are thinking ahead about how to handle the change. A couple of suggestions that would occur to me would be to join a church or spiritual type group. Then check out meetup.com and find some groups where you are moving where you can do activities you enjoy and meet people straight away to build a community foundation pretty quickly.

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I echo the MeetUp suggestions. I myself use MeetUp a lot and it's a great way to meet others and do fun activities that you're interested in.


My ex finally moved out of state not too long ago. We've been NC but I remained in fear of running into him. When I finally heard from a friend that today was the day that he was moving out (she even sent me a screenshot of his recent FB status, announcing his arrival into his new city, and I could see the location stamp on it)...I felt a sense of mostly relief. But there was a twinge of "whoa" too. This guy had been in my life for so long (10 years total) as a friend and then a boyfriend. BIG part of my life, and even when I was out of state for school, we kept in touch and he was never really out of my life until we went NC. Him moving out of state was the final "nail in the coffin" so to speak. Now I know he's over 1,000 miles away and to be honest, I knew the only thing that was holding him in this city was me - he told me. After we split and he FINALLY gave up trying to get me back, he made plans to move out and he did.


Doors close through our lives. It is normal to go "whoa" when they do, even when you are happy that they are being closed and you know that deep down, it is the right thing. Let that door close so that a new one, a better one, will open for you.

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