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Depressed anxious ex boyfriend help


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So my ex boyfriend and I broke up about 4 yrs ago back due to distance. We dated for about 9 months. He moved to England and I stayed in the Australia. He suffers from depression and anxiety. I should also point out he developed a cocaine addiction when he moved, and he's never told me that he loves me. We talk on and off, and it's either really good or really bad (like we don't talk for weeks).A few months ago he lost his job and was super stressed so I decided to surprise him with a visit, and things did not go well. He was amazing the first few days, but after that is all went downhill. It's like he shut down and wouldn't even talk to me and pretended it was normal. I've never felt so invisible in all my life. I asked him why he shut me out and he went off on me and told me he didn't want me there, and how he didn't ask me to come. It threw me off bc a month earlier, he said he wanted tosee me soon , and that he misses me and wishes I was sleeping next to him blah blah blah. I rode out the next few weeks and then came home . We haven't texted or anything since I've been back. It's been a month. I don't know what to do. Any advise ?? I want to be there for him bc I love him so much but I don't want to be hurt more than I already am. Should I talk to him or just move on ? I haven't been able to move on from him in 4 years because I still love him.

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