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My bf want space and I'm confused what he really want


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Dear all,

As I'm new in here I thought I would appreciate your opinion.

Me and my bf been for 2 yr's now .he finished his masters 2 weeks ago and he was busy with study. We didn't met d week be4 he finish his studies.so the day he passed we met. He invited me on his family diner celabration in November. At the time I had a flash back of the past and I blew all with a comment. There was this girl who invited him for her grad in the fisrt 3 months of our rship. He hid this n found out later. So I was in secured all the time in our rship coz of the begging. Now she has bf but stll she is every party even we go.grr so on the day he pass his master I commented. And he got so pissed I brought again the past. And he blew and even called me stupid botch. I was very upset and cried and he left .from that day he got so cold and was just confused as I know he love me a lot. He told me he is fed up and crossed his limit about mentioned always past. I know I shouldn't just I had this flash back and I regret. Next 4 days was horrible. I cry all day and he don't want listen at all .he was angry and he said he don't want keep going like this coz we do fight.he is 35 and me 32 . He want family and security.and me too. He met me with his family and I like them I met him with mine too. We was almost everyday together now I feel so broken.I asked to meet and he don't want. They went on the 5 day to his. And he was so pissed I thought after so long he would feel better. I just left and felt hurt. This is second week.we r talking and he reply short but still. He don't use anymore baby sweet ect. But he sti te me he love me and send kisses. Yesterday I couldn't keep and I open my heart and his reply was this is, we had a lot of anger I still have a lot inside me And revisiting my course on how to live a better life If something is hurting me, making me unhappy, and giving me negativity, then I choose to stay away You hurt me a lot in the past.And lately, with all our fights, I wasn't happy I was feeling I'm doing a lot of sacrifices for you, and I wasn't being reciprocated To fight on the night I was finally over from all studies, made me realize how you think mostly about yourself I have still anger towards you, and I prefer to stay as I am right now. Because I haven't fought since we stopped meeting And I'm More relaxed, with less negativity Today I had so much fun. Talking with people, smiling and feeling no negativity at all. I realized I want this!!I feel calmer, less stressed, happier



He promised me he is thinking a lot about us.he told me he love me and there is no other women .this morning I send him gd morning as usual he replied and send him pic ..he commented smile....


I spoke to his sister as she is close to him.she like me and me too . She is very upset and can't do nothingshe is asking how I'm daily. As I m so upset. I don't want to lose him but I feel like he is not afraid of losing me . He do reply never told me don't text or state he bloke me. But he said I need time to think all and when he send me yesterday that he feels happier I'm so Sad. I don't know what to do feels like I'm stope from him. I really want see hI'm but not by begging .pls help

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Please stop talking to his family about the situation. He doesn't want to be with you right now. Do NOT be with someone who calls you a stupid first of all, and if a woman invited him to a party in the first or month of two you were dating and you both put it in the past -- why keep bringing it up?? Besides, i was invited to many graduation parties of both males and female people and it didn't mean i was interested in them. if you are jealous or think its cheating for him to go to a classmate's graduation party early in your relationship, you have larger concerns. You can't make someone who doesn't want to be with you be with you so i think your best interest is to not contact him. Go about your life seeing your friends and family.

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He apologise for overeating that night .I know and I feel he love me and he miss me and I know he is confusing right now. I want give him space but I am afraid of losing him.I love him a lot and I want to have this chance to prove he could be proud of his gf . I care a lot of him and I don't want give up. He is talking to me that give me hopes and share k his day with me . I m judt stoped to do anything whenever I talk how I feel he just skip or find exuse not to talk at this. I really want solve all he really mean a lot to me.

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