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Confused and hurt


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Last week I posted on here about the guy I was dating for 4mths who dumped me out of the blue saying he was to busy with work to be seeing me after making a lot future plans. Me thinking the real reason was down to issues he may be having within himself. Someone pointed out that as he was only 6 months out of a 5 year relationship that could of been the real reason. I wanted to text him but I didn't as advised by basically everyone.


On Sunday almost 4 weeks after he dumped me so coldly he dm'd me on insta to apologise, he said he regretted the way he handled things and wanted to sort things out. He said he was trying to push me away because he was scared to fall for someone again but regretted ending it. I told him I don't no if I could trust him again but I would be willing to speak to him in person and he asked me when. I told him when and he didn't reply. I waited 24 hours and just couldn't help myself and text him again asking him why he bothered apologising if he wasn't going to reply. I asked him why he was wasting my time. He seen the message and didn't reply again. This morning I liked a post about deserving better he must have seen this and blocked me on insta straight after. I just feel so confused and once again really hurt. I still like him even tho he doesn't care to hurt me. I think he is having some sort of breakdown his behaviour is just not normal. What should I do?

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It's really common for someone who has dumped you to be in contact again at some point. The guy often wants a FWB situation with a woman who was crazy about him, without putting in the effort of an exclusive relationship.


It's true that history often repeats. If he so easily dumped you once, when the honeymoon period was wearing thin, then he most likely would do it again in the same pattern.


The right man will never leave you--not even once. He will treat you special to make sure you stay in his life. Time to delete all means of communication with him. He's not worthy of one more moment of your thoughts. Your romantic fate lies elsewhere.

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