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Is the ball in my court with Ex Gf?


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Been apart for 3 months after 3 years together. A month of no contact and she reached out saying she misses me a lot and still cares. She also said she does not feel like she made the right decision because as time goes on she really misses me.


We had a phone call Conversation laying out all the flaws and the way I took her for granted and hurt her. This lead to me reaching out in text and we texted back and fourth until she stopped replying. 2 days after she initiated contact and was curious about my day and she even sent a picture of her new hair to me.


2 days again later she initiates again and we have friendly banter and even teasing about doing my college homework. This ended with her saying "yea it's probably best if you do it lol" I replied "yea, I got this" and she replied "I'm sure you do!" Well I did not reply and that was our last contact. It has been a week exactly.


I'm left to anticipate any meaning through these conversations and her doubting her choice at one point about 3 weeks ago. I know it could be nothing but after the phone call she added me back on Snapchat and within this last week she posted a story with a screenshot of the song "pinch me" by bare naked ladies. The caption said "the feels 😩". After I viewed it, she took it down. It wasn't even up for 20 minutes.


Are these signs she is looking for me to initiate and show I still care? Do I wait for her to initiate again? Start NC? Reach out asking how she is? I'm so lost right now and my ultimate goal is to get her back slowly and start something new with the girl I still love.


Please help. I don't believe it's all over. I think we are in a power struggle. What do I do now?!!!

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You tell her point blank you're interested in reconciliation. You tell her friendship isn't going to work as you want more. Tell her you're willing to work together to address past issues. Then you tell her the balls in her court and to contact you only if reconciliation is the topic. Friendship will drive you insane. Been there done that. If she just wants friendship intitiate No contact and get on with life

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If you really do want her back, do not play games. Don't wait for her to text you about homework, or anything else.


Yes, if you truly want a reconciliation, just call her and tell her that. All you have to say is that you miss her, and that you'd like to try and work things out, and that you've thought about the issues, and that you'd like to work on them together.

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