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There is no I in team


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That's what I have always believed in.. 'there is no I in team'.. me and my partner have been together for 9 years, engaged for 5... maybe 6. Haha.. I just don't feel the motivation to get married, I feel like I put in so much more emotional and physical labor????...he does not Communicate well and I always have to initiate sex. He does nothing around the house, and I literally just got done pressure washing the house by myself because he wasn't gonna do it at 5 o'clock??? He is a gamer... does that ring a bell with anyone... ANYONE?????? games are always first, I have no doubt that they come before me at any circumstance. I am the girl that I always said I wouldn't be, sitting here feeling helpless and hopeless and scared

Why can't I just leave, I know he isn't going to change... fack!

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