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If I marry my soon to be naturalized US citizen bf, what happens?


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I'm not sure where to post this. I'll abbreviate my long story. We met 11 years ago in Miami, Fl., hit it off very well, became exclusive and the rest is history. However, my parents and I had document issues. I was forced (under voluntary departure) to return to my homecountry and have been here for 10 years now. On May of this year, it already marked the 10 year-old ban.


My long-distance bf and I want to be together (physically) again after all these years and have talked about getting married a bunch of times. He will come in my homecountry and we'll get married once he becomes a naturalized US citizen. He's a legal resident but will soon be a citizen. I don't mind if he stays here with me for a year and becomes a resident in Peru but I don't want him to lose all his workplace benefits and job all together (I have no job benefits over here and you have to pay all out of pocket for any medical apt). He's been working at Publix supermarket for 18 years.


He really wants to marry me, stay here in my Peru for a bit and bring me back to Miami, FL. I really want him in my life and he does too. Can we eventually be together at last? My departure was the saddest moment for both him and I.

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Thank you and yes, he's working on that. I'm in this situation as a result of my father's older sister that ruined all of us by taking my father off her petition long ago (she even did it behind my father's back and informed him months later during a happy family reunion) to add her older sister instead, who already had a happy life and had no purpose of being in the US; by the time she became a resident she wasn't satified working in the US and returned back to Peru. She used the petition for nothing basically. That witch.


I wouldn't ever dream of ever going behind my brother's back in any manner (esp if he really needed my help and is the one in need the most), not less ruin a niece or nephew's future.

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My husband filled out his citizenship application over a month ago and we met with an attorney to get the paperwork sorted out.


Your fiancé needs to contact an immigration lawyer before he makes any plans to bringing you the the US. The standards of people coming and staying in this country have become tougher AND expensive (the cost of citizenship application increased to $200 extra lately) since Trump took office and gave ICE demigod-like authority powers. Marriage is no longer a key to guaranteed approved citizenship unless you have been married to him for over 3 years (which my husband and I both are which is significantly helping our case). They will investigate your all's relationship as they did so with mine to make sure it's not a sham marriage for citizenship. I was questioned and interviewed about my relationship- especially when I am pregnant.


He needs to stay in the US for awhile to prove that he wants to stay there. Him moving and living in another country will look suspicious.


This is legal advice you are asking that no one can give here.

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