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Please help!!! Need major advice!!!


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So I started dating my now ex-boyfriend over the summer and let me just say it was real fairly tale love. We fell in love and life was so perfect. Well September came and we both returned back to our colleges (we are from the same hometown, but go to school 5 hours away) well it wasn't long until I noticed changes in my boyfriend. He finally realized now is not the right time for us to date. And he broke up with me. I have been devastated ever since. All I do is think about him and I love him so much. we still communicate with each other, but mainly through Snapchat, because we are keeping our Snapchat streak. When it comes to Snapchat he usually snaps me first. He never texts me first. I don't contact him everyday (as much as I want to) but when I do contact him I tell him that I am waiting on him to get better so we can get back together. He told me the door is open for us and we will probably get back together. And I trust him when he says that but it is so hard not being with him. I know there is not another girl in his life because I am his official third girlfriend he has had and he would be honest and tell me there was someone else. So I know it is not that. He has contacted me wanting me sexually, we haven't met yo and did it. He will even say I don't want to it because I don't want to make it worse on me. I don't know what to do. I have begged for him back, that didn't work. We haven't done anything since the break up. Here are some messages from the break up. Please help anyone. It's so hard to love on from someone who your family loved and treated you with so much respect. What do I do to get him back?????

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I don't think he was ever really your boyfriend, but just a summer fling, or what they used to say in the past, a summer love. You fell in love because you were in the same place at the same time, and now it has all come to an end because you have both gone off to your respective colleges. It sounds like it was fun, but you have to see it for what it is, a summer fling.


It is nice that he wants to keep contact, but it will be short lived until he meets someone else, and she will be where he is.

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