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Is she wasting my time or just being cautious?


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Recently I posted about a girl I had been dating for a few weeks, I wasn't sure if it was going anywhere with her (see previous post: 'Is this going anywhere?')


Since then we have continued to see each other once a week and we have slept together a few more times. The last time we spent the night together (earlier this week) was really great. But since then her communication has been poor again, I've had two texts from her in 5 days. When I text her asking how her day has been, she doesn't reply.


This is extremely confusing because if I don't contact her she always ends up getting in touch eventually and it is usually her who suggests meeting up. Also, the last time I saw her she said she wanted me to come to a family member's birthday party with her in a couple of weeks. So she certainly seems to have at least some interest in keeping things going with us but the total lack of communication between dates seems strange after 5 weeks of seeing each other.


Could it be that she is just being cautious and taking things slowly, or am I just being strung along when she isn't really all that interested in anything serious?

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She seems like the type of girl who needs a bit of space.


Note how when YOU don't reach out, SHE does! What does that tell you?


Also when you txt her, or any girl, try not asking such questions like "hi, how is your day"? Ugh!


I can't stand being asked that question, from anyone, friends, family, boyfriend, anyone.


It's just so, uh, meh. I mean, what should I say? "Fine and yours"? BORING.


Be a little creative with your texting.


Something to engage her, make her smile and laugh.

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