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I'm a little confused


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Hey all, so I finally moved on with my life, I'm sure all you thought you'd never live the day to see brokenheartedm talk about another girl but here I am. So a little background ya basically we knew of each other but never talked so last night was the first night ever. We went to a bar and she seemed to be very flirty? She was complimenting my arms and saying how I was a lot more attractive in person than in my pics, she kept saying she wanted to hang out again and even texted me again she wanted to hang so I assume that's good, where I'd get confused is when she talked to her girlfriend she'd talk about other guys, her friend wasn't flirty at all just very friendly but, this girl stayed by me literally the whole night, I was kinda shy and I am with everyone when I first hang out I don't know what they like or what they talk about, my shell starting breaking later in the night but she was none stop complimenting me about my body and such is she interested or

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