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I Think Y'all Will Be Proud...


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So, the guy that took me out as a friend a while back contacted me this week.


He apologized for how he acted and asked to take me out. He asked if it could be a real date and not a just friends date. I said yes and asked what he had in mind.


He said honestly, I can't wait to get back to those lips!


I promptly told him I wasn't looking to rush things and wanted to wait until/if a relationship was established before things got too physical. I said this because the last time we went on a real date, he kissed me and tried to put his hands all over me then invited me to his house. I declined.


Anyways, he basically flipped out. I tried to explain that I am setting boundaries and sticking to them in order to respect myself and give a potential relationship a healthy start. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to care. He kept saying just because some other guy had sex with me and bolted doesn't mean he would. (He knew all about the first guy I wrote here about) Which is true, but I felt if he was seriously interested in me, he would have respected my decision to wait.


From his reaction, I felt he was more interested in sex than getting to know me and he has since been blocked.


So, did I do the right thing? I feel I did, but I would like some feedback.

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I don't really remember which guy it was but good for you for sticking to your guns. If he wanted to get to know you, he wouldn't have gotten mad.


Maybe don't tell potential men too much about your romantic past early on. I say this because I wonder if, this guy for example, saw you as an easy target.


Yes, I dated him before the first guy I got all wrapped up over and reached out to him when the other guy stopped talking to me. I over shared with him, for sure. That won't happen again.

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