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To move on and let go, or try to win him back


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I am currently all over the place in my head. My boyfriend of a year is still living with me but decided the other day he was done with me for good. We have been on a rocky road these past couple of months. He struggles with addiction and I struggle with mental stability. Together the two have made for a pretty unhealthy relationship. We moved to a new town where we didn't know anyone. He is now a part of a group of friends that all hate me and I barely see him anymore. It took a huge toll on us as well. They all do drugs and I don't and I went a little crazy and acted out of character over being ignored or pushed aside all the time or always left out.. Anyways... he says he doesn't want me. It was heart wrenching per usual. But then last night as I was getting ready he was so interested to know where I was going and who I would be with. He wouldn't stop asking me. It was so strange. If you don't want me why do you care? Then today we talk and he says nothings changed. Still doesn't want me but financially staying in this apartment is best for him. I am nervous about that though because every time I see him I want to love all over him. This can't be a healthy situation. I become strong then weak all over again.


Anyways.. is there a chance he will come back to me if he's getting jealous like that or am I thinking of the wrong things right now. I should just let go right? I obviously have my own issues to work out with myself but I hate the thought of him and I coming to an end. He says he hates it too but that we can't do this anymore. What do I do? What would you do? If the man you love said he loves you and is in love with you and is sad this is happening and still wants to be in your company but then says hey I don't think we should do this anymore. UGHHHHH struggling.

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What would I do? Well, I would have dropped this man a long time ago. He doesn't pass muster for me. Where the heck are your standards, OP?


Your thinking is so troubling. This isn't a man you should want back. In the kindest way possible, you really do need some professional help so you can figure out why you are clinging to such a horrible, dysfunctional relationship.


Your other thread paints a very clear picture of a cocaine- and heroin-addicted abuser, and you have abused him too.


This isn't love, at all. Unless you focus on your own issues, you will continue to spiral downward with guy there is zero future with.

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Why haven't you kicked him out? Does this loser even contribute towards the bills.


He is an addict. He treats you like sh$t and disrespects you. What exactly is it that you love about this relationship? I read your other thread, there was nothing positive or happy about your relationship.


Be done with this. He has already told you that he feels nothing, and has clearly shown it. Don't mistake him questioning where you are going has anything to do with caring.


Are you seeking therapy?

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I have just read back and I am even more horrified , in your last post you even went as far as to blame yourself ...NO ... he was a smack head and is now on the charlie which costs an absolute fortune , I don't fully believe he quit the brown so easily either , I suspect he is doing both ....so you are paying bills and keeping things ticking along while he feeds his habit and emotionally abuses you , the back story is horrendous . You have to get out , or kick him out ....can you go back to your family as I suspect you going is going to be a damn sight easier and safer then trying to get him out .

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I am so glad I joined this forum! This is the most honesty I have received thus far and I really appreciate the time you've taken to respond! You guys are awesome!


Bless you x


A lot of us have walked the walk already and if we haven't we have certainly seen many stories of this nature and it is a lot easier sat here , not emotionally invested in the situation , to see it for what it is .

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