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Is dinner a bold move?


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I met a girl briefly and she lives a few states away. We hit it off pretty well and we chat sometimes but she stops texting yet it seems like she always initiates (so far) like nothing happened. I look at it as people have lives and there’s no obligation for her to respond.

Anywho I was thinking about asking her out on a formal dinner date which would be expensive for me because I would need to fly out and possibly get a hotel but I can swing it. The distance to me doesn’t mean much so I kind of want to portray that but then again I’d feel like I’m inviting myself over to where she lives. It’s an experience in itself bc I love traveling but I don’t want to seem too extreme which I’m like 90% sure is what it would seem like. Have anyone tried something like this before?

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What are you trying to get out of this? She stopped texting you (or at least slows it down), which isn't good, but also shows she is probably in touch with reality that your living situations don't make the ideal dating situation. No, I would not fly to have dinner with her when you barely know her. I have met girls from out of town before and we text some, but we eventually drop it because we know it isn't going anywhere. We have careers we love in two distant cities, so unfortunately the circumstances just aren't ripe for continuing our discussions.

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Scratch that idea. As far as what I’m trying to get out of it I’m not sure. Ideally get to know her more bc we had a blast but like you said circumstances aren’t ideal and I’m not blind to that. She’s from around here so I may bump in to her again so maybe I should cut the cord before I say something or do something stupid

It is unfortunate since I like this girl and I dont say that about every girl I meet.

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I’ve been playing it right I guess. She’s still there telling me she hopes I stick around and that she thinks of me and it’s crazy because like you guys said it’s not ideal. I hope it does turn in to something but it’s hard to say what when or how. Never been in this situation before. I’m cool with being single but I’m not cool with jumping in to something just because it’s convenient either or walking away just cause it isn’t right now. If that makes sense what I just said.

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'Bold' isn't the word I'd use to describe such a stunt. Maybe 'cringeworthy'...


Whenever you want to impress someone, reach for your best self respect as your guide.


Head high.


Right I agree. That idea died 10min after I started the post I just can’t delete it. This is where people post thoughts I wasn’t thinking.

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