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Confused About Ex and Moxed Signals Help!

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Hello all, so my ex and I dated for 9 months, I believe the reason she broke up with me was because of my immaturity and her lose of interest. We are in high school and have a class together. It's been 4 months since the break up, during the first 2 months I had the mindset of getting her back and getting back together. I gave that up after asking her to just hang out again and see where it goes but she wasn't up for that, she also said she couldn't she her being friends with someone she's dated for 9 months. I then told her I was done. For the next 2 months I did my best to move on, I was active in meeting new people and have started to build a close relationship with a new girl friend. However I broke my leg close to the begin of the second month. I posted a picture on Snapchat of my broken leg to which my ex reached out to me asking if I was ok. I told her I was ok and we have had casual talk ever since. We only Snapchat one sentence a day to each other. (Idk if she's playing games?). One Friday my ex said hello to me in the halls and later that same day she talked to me a number of times at our school football game. Another confusing thing is my ex and her sister have visited me and my broken leg 2 times now. I never directly asked my ex to come over I only asked her sister as we are friends. Both times my ex came with her. When she came over it wasn't awkward or anything it was like the good old times when we were dating. So I ask you what you make of my situation and how I should feel and respond to it? Right now I'm just going with the flow and seeing where that takes me. I'm not sure if she is acting this way because jealously towards this new girl? Do you think she is interested in rekindling? If you have any ideas let me know? Please I'm really confused haha

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