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I feel SOOOOO much better ;)


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Hello all,

I feel like a new human the day has come I left my ex in the past and I feel like a new man, she drug me through dirt and made me a miserable person.

It feels so good not to care anymore, I and a few buddies went down shore to party and I met a girl we hooked up and all it was nice, to finally hook up with someone other than my ex, made me realize I don't need her. I got a date Friday with a girl I'm really starting to like (maybe too much!) I just feel a lot better realizing I don't need this girls goddamn drama in my life, always getting upset and mad and than her pointing the finger at me when I blow up. she still talks and tries to instigate a fight spreading rumors about me, its funny how she scrambles for attention when she realizes I am done with her and her crap!!😂😂 Its been 5 weeks and this guy feels like a new dude again

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