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Open Relationship?

Mr Single

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so there's the girl that I met, we'll call her M. we've been talking for 5 days now and she seems just as interested in me as I am in her. we spent all of saturday afternoon into late night with each other, asking each other questions, laughing and having a good time. but when i asked her her views on relationships she told me she's in an open relationship with a guy right now; he's talking to two girls, and she's talking to me. this surprised me at first, but i didn't let that faze me until it was time to take her home (we had smoked weed so we were high at this point) and we got really close and kept on putting our hands on each other's legs. then when her train came i hugged her and kissed her cheek and when i tried to get up and starting whining and didn't want me to go. and eventually when the next train for her came (we live in opposite directions) she coherence me into going down her direction first before heading up to mine, which then she stayed with me at the station until my train mcame and we shared a couple kisses. so now reflecting on this, i don't know what to do. as a man who gets attached very easily, i don't know if it's best for me to get invested in her, but the flip side of that is that she has been exactly what i'm looking for so far. like she's perfect for me. what do i do?

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No she's not .


The fact that you have written this is your gut screaming at you telling you an open relationship is not something you can cope with .


If you think about the characteristics of your ideal girl, does "unable to stay monogamous" appear as one of them? Or "already in a relationship with someone else"?




In that case, keep looking...

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