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My mom is way to strict


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My mom is the strictest person in the world. If i want to go out with friends I have to go through a "process" first. My room has to be clean fro a week, everyone in the house has to keep the bathroom clean, I have to turn in my phone and my laptop at 9, and i have to have a good attitude for a week. If i keep these consistent for a week only then my mom will even consider my hanging out with friends. This makes me hate living at home and ive considered running away. Im not allowed to date, read books, listen to music, or search the internet until my mom approves everything before hand.im no allowed to leave the house until she inspectects what i am wearing. i ca't see a movie unless my mom has seen it first. I have absolutely no freedom and i have no control over what i do.I feel like my life i slipping away and its all my mothers fault an that im not in control Am i wrong to feel this way? PLease help!!!

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How old are you?


My mother was very strict too and it drove me nuts. She wasn't as over the top as your mother sounds, but in the end I did run away at 18 after I finished high school. It's very hard to get a parent to loosen up and give you at least some of the freedoms you want. You have to earn them with chores done properly, which actually is good training for adulthood. But why cant you listen to music, read books etc? Is your mother religious?

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im 14 btw thank you


Sure, she is a little strict, but quite frankly, at age 14 and a minor, I think she's not doing such a bad job (imo). I know this view won't be very popular, but compared to so many other parents who have no idea half the time what their children are up to or where they are, I say kudos to her.

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